Harvest Kenora is now offering merchandise for sale to those who wish to support our work or who may just want cool stuff that refeects our mission, vision, and values. We strive to source our merchandise from people who share our concern for Mother Earth, support family farmers, and pay those who make the things we wear a living wage.

We also value transparency in supply chains and will let you know how we are doing though a transparency statement for each product line available at Things made well by people who care for each other and Mother Earth may cost a bit more, however, we strive to keep our prices fair, often charging less than that of equivalent products sold online. Given our on-going concern with the use of plastics both in terms of ocean health and climate change, we decided to start with organic cotton totes that you can use when you come to our market stand on Saturdays, or shop elsewhere. They are available for purchase through our online store at Your items will be available at the Hungry Pug Cafe or at our market stand on Saturday mornings between 10am and Noon at the Old Keewatin Ball park. Alternatively, come down to the market stand to check out our seasonal produce and you can buy a tote there as well.

Seeds of Resilience

As an effort to build a local living seed bank, we have started sell seeds for gardening. For the 2021 season we bulk purchased seeds that we believe are good fits for our climate. Some of the seeds that we sell in 2022 will be grown by the Harvest Kenora COllective, and we will grow more and more of our own as time goes on.